Executive/General Management

  • President
  • CEO
  • COO
  • General Management
  • Business Management

A few examples of Executive and General Management positions filled:

  • Chief Operating Officer: This position is responsible for the operating profit and loss of the company through the direct management of its marketing, sales, production, purchasing, human resources, and distribution functions. This individual must be a strong leader with a successful track record of managing diverse groups.
  • General Manager: Oversee all aspects of a food manufacturing, distribution, and restaurant enterprise. The General Manager will be responsible for overseeing sales growth, financial improvements, operational, human resources, distribution, food manufacturing, purchasing and logistical areas.
  • Business Manager: Private Label Operations: Responsible for all management of the Private Label Operations in order to not only meet the current financial goals but to grow this division within the company. Must be strategic and develop plans to expand both the customer and product base of the organization.