Research Chefs

  • Food Scientist with Culinary Background
  • Research Chef
  • Corporate Chef
  • Product Development Chef
  • Strategic Account Chef
  • Corporate Recipe Development Chef
  • Corporate R&D Chef
  • Culinologist
  • Chocolatier

A few examples of Research Culinary Chef positions filled:

  • Research Chef : Trained culinary professional who has food science knowledge and can participate in helping to develop new products. The chef will be part of the Research & development team that will includes scientists and marketing staff. This individual will be responsible for initiating a concept, creating recipes, cooking samples for testing, enhancing current products and providing input to taste, texture and packaging of food products.
  • Culinologist : Individual must be able to blend culinary arts, food science and food technology. The Culinologist must be able to use these disciplines to make food taste better to the customer. Products manufactured for the Food Service or Retail market must possess characteristics that appeal to the consumer and result in repeat purchases.
  • Chocolatier: Senior level culinary professional who is trained in confectionery product development. This individual will play an active role in developing high end chocolate candy exhibiting a strong knowledge of the chemistry of chocolate flavors and textures. This Chef must be very skilled at formulating confectionery items that are creative and create a “wow” factor with the consumer.